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Hello and welcome to our website.

Allan Austin is a small family-run company which has been making and selling packaging materials for over 100 years. 

Originally we supplied our manufacturing, construction and agricultural customers with hessian sacks and cloth - and of course, sandbags.

In the 1970s, industrial demand switched to the new wonder-fabric, polypropylene, and hessian fell out of favour.

Now hessian is very much back in fashion and we are unique in still having a sewing capacity. As well as selling hessian by the metre, we can make any sort of bag/sew lengths of cloth to your requirements.

We also of course still supply polypropylene bags and cloth, as well as other packaging materials like bubble wrap, pallet wrap, labels, and wire-tying tools/wires.

Thanks for visiting the site and we look forward to hearing from you.


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